The Carpentries (formerly "Data Carpentry") is a non-profit organization comprised of Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, and Library Carpentry and includes a community of instructors, trainers, maintainers, helpers, and supporters who share a mission to teach inclusive and foundational computational and data science skills. The Carpentries have a network of members internationally and build global capacity in essential data and computational skills for conducting efficient, open, and reproducible research, primarily through openly licensed lessons on data literacy and computer programming.

Lessons for the Carpentries are collaboratively developed and maintained and taught via volunteer-led workshops. Workshops are usually two full days in length, domain specific, and follow a single dataset through the process of organization, cleaning, and analysis. Instructors for the Carpentries receive training in Carpentries pedagogy which teaches evidence-based teaching practices and skills related to creating a positive environment for learners learning data science concepts. 


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