Data Curation


Data curation is the ongoing processing and maintenance of data throughout its lifecycle to ensure long term accessibility, sharing, and preservation. Data curation is composed of research data management and digital preservation and involves processes such as adding metadata to make data more findable and understandable, ingesting data into a repository, often a data repository, validating file checksums and file fixity checks, and other tasks for organizing, cleaning, describing, enhancing, storing, and preserving data.


For specific peer-reviewed steps to be used as a reference to curate research data, see the DCN data curation primers for the particular file type or data type that you need to curate. 

Similar Terms

Data Preservation
Digital Preservation

Data Curation Network. CURATED Steps. 

Amazon Web Service (AWS) provides cloud security services, such as firewalls, encryption, network monitoring and protection, and identity.


Further Resources

This guide provides information about elements of data curation and data preparation steps.

This article details the types of data curation activities. 

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