Data Sharing


Data sharing refers to the practice of making data available to other research stakeholders, including other investigators, research subjects, and the broader public. Various funding agencies, publishers, and other research institutions mandate data sharing as a means to promote transparency, research reproducibility, and to increase the impact of research data. Data citation and data publication can help ensure that originating researchers receive proper credit for their work. 

Similar Terms

Open Data

The Open Science Framework (OSF) is a platform for collaboration and data sharing.

The NIH maintains a list of NIH supported repositories.

Further Resources

This paper describes why data sharing is a necessary practice in biomedical research: Bauchner, Howard, et al. “Data Sharing: An Ethical and Scientific Imperative.” JAMA, vol. 315, no. 12, Mar. 2016, pp. 1237–39. PubMed,

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