Generative Artificial Intelligence


Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a system of algorithms or computer processes that can create novel output in text, images or other media based on user prompts. These systems are created by programmers who train them on large sets of data. The AI learns by finding patterns in the data and can then provide novel outputs to users' queries based on its findings.

Generative AI systems are distinguished from other AI systems by their ability to create novel output. For example, predictive AI systems on smartphones can suggest a short, common response to an email by analyzing the text received and drawing from a pool of common responses. Generative AI systems like ChatGPT, which employs a Large Language Model, go a step further to provide new information for users based on their questions or requests.  

Text based generative AI systems are based on large language models, which are huge probabilistic algorithms for drawing upon a corpus of text to predict likely sequences of words. Other generative AI systems may be based on images or sounds as well.


ChatGPT, BingChat, Google Bard, LLaMa

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