Community Partnerships for Mental Health Toolkit


Mental health is a critical public health issue affecting various populations, including teens, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and seniors. Our Advisory Group aims to address this issue by developing a comprehensive Community Partnerships for Mental Health Toolkit for public libraries, public health departments, community organizations, and others. The toolkit will consist of a user-friendly website/guide (on, bookmarks, a one-page guide, programming ideas, and training materials for toolkit users. It will provide practical, evidence-based strategies for community partnerships, resource sharing, and programming to address mental health needs. Objectives of the project include developing the toolkit, training, and promoting its adoption. Expected outcomes include:

  • Increased access to mental health resources.
  • Increased engagement in mental health programming.
  • Strengthened partnerships for addressing mental health issues in the community.

The toolkit aims to help create community partnerships, locate and share resources, and design evidence-based programming to address mental health needs in local communities.


•Bookmark - pdf
•One-page guide - pdf
Programming Guide 
Training Materials