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The NTO invites students to connect with us for informational interviews regarding the role of NTO, training, or instructional design, or for local or virtual practicum experiences. The NTO is hosted at the Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah. 

Possible practicum projects:

  • Tutorial storyboarding and development

  • Training content organization and analysis

  • User needs assessment

  • Training evaluation design and analysis

  • Creating accessible training content

  • Social media or publicity strategy for training

  • Projects that meet your needs and goals


  • Willing to host practicum experiences from 20-120 hours
    • Can co-host with other regions or offices
  • Will provide training and professional development opportunities for interested students
  • Must have completed at least 1 semester of LIS program
  • No training experience required

Best Contact Person

Jessi Van Der Volgen


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Jessi Van Der Volgen
Program summary

The NNLM Training Office (NTO) plans, creates, shares, delivers, and coordinates an instructional program and educational materials based on key NLM products and services for a variety of audiences throughout the NNLM.