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Launching in February 2022, this podcast series explores how the Network of the National Library of Medicine - part of the National Institutes of Health -  is engaging with communities to provide access to trusted information for the purpose of improving the public's health. In our first season of NNLM Discovery, join outreach librarian Yamila El-Khayat as she travels the country exploring the engagement efforts of the Network of the National Library of Medicine.

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00:00:03:11 - 00:00:30:10
Yamila El-Khayat
I’m librarian Yamila El-Khayat and this is NNLM Discovery, a podcast from the Network of the National Library of Medicine. This podcast series explores how the NNLM is engaging with communities to provide access to trusted information for the purpose of improving the public's health. In our first season of NNLM Discovery, I'll be your guide as we travel the country exploring the engagement efforts of the Network of the National Library of Medicine.

00:00:30:21 - 00:00:36:19
Yamila El-Khayat
We’ll visit a rural library in Texas that brought telemedicine to their town during the COVID lockdown.

00:00:37:06 - 00:00:51:23
Dianne Connery
So we are now in the telehealth room. It used to be, we called it a weeding room, donated books put in here. When we cleaned it out, we found a smashed, dead frog under the books. So we've come a long way from then.

00:00:52:10 - 00:00:59:18
Yamila El-Khayat
And then we'll travel to paradise to learn how ham radio can save lives after natural disasters strike the Caribbean.

00:01:00:22 - 00:01:13:06
Ronda Herbert
The islands were devastated. We were without electricity, Internet, cell phones, cell phone towers were out. It was, It was horrible.

00:01:13:11 - 00:01:19:08
Yamila El-Khayat
Have you ever grown your own tomatoes? During this season we’ll visit master gardeners in Maryland.

00:01:20:17 - 00:01:33:08
Esther Mitchell
In the vegetable garden and the Herb garden, you don't have fat, you don't have fried foods. If you have a healthy garden, then you are going to be healthy yourself.

00:01:34:14 - 00:01:42:06
Yamila El-Khayat
Put down those french fries and eat your vegetables. And yes, this season we’ll even talk to real librarians.

00:01:42:20 - 00:01:47:10
John Bramble
How many librarians do you know wear cowboy boots and know how to hook up a trailer hitch?

00:01:47:10 - 00:01:49:02
Robin Levin
In Wyoming? All of us.

00:01:51:16 - 00:02:13:02
Yamila El-Khayat
Librarians are doing a lot more than just checking out books. Throughout this season, you'll hear stories about the extraordinary efforts of individuals improving the health of their local communities. Some of you may be asking yourselves, What is the network of the National Library of Medicine? And for that matter, what is the National Library of Medicine? Let's start there.

00:02:13:21 - 00:02:45:13
Yamila El-Khayat
The National Library of Medicine, or NLM, as we call it, is one of the 27 institutes at the National Institutes of Health, or NIH, in Bethesda, Maryland. The NLM serves society by collecting all of the world's biological and biomedical literature. This information is then made available to scientists and doctors through resources like PubMed and to everyday people through MedlinePlus. NLM also funds researchers that develop the tools that translate health data into health action.

00:02:46:06 - 00:03:13:01
Yamila El-Khayat
In season one of NNLM Discovery we’ll meet some of these researchers too. Finally, NLM promotes their various resources to local communities by utilizing 8000 points of presence around the United States. That's where the Network of the National Library of Medicine comes in or NNLM as we call ourselves. We’re the 8000 points of presence. I've invited Martha Meacham, the director of the NNML, to join me today.

00:03:13:11 - 00:03:14:02
Yamila El-Khayat
Hi, Martha.

00:03:14:20 - 00:03:15:14
Martha Meacham
Hi, Yamila.

00:03:16:05 - 00:03:23:11
Yamila El-Khayat
Martha, describe for our listeners what the NNLM is and how it relates to the National Library of Medicine at NIH.

00:03:23:21 - 00:03:52:20
Martha Meacham
Sure, and thanks for having me. The goal of NNLM is to help improve health and well-being for all by access to and understanding of how to use health information. We want to ensure advancements are available to all so that people have the information they need to make informed health decisions. The NNLM works towards these goals by providing funding, offering training and educational opportunities and doing outreach with organizations and individuals.

00:03:53:06 - 00:03:56:13
Yamila El-Khayat
And where are the NNLM representatives located?

00:03:56:19 - 00:04:10:16
Martha Meacham
Well, we split the United States and its territories into seven different regions. In this season of NNLM Discovery we’ll feature one story from each region to get an understanding of what makes each different and special.

00:04:10:23 - 00:04:12:15
Yamila El-Khayat
Why do we have a podcast?

00:04:13:02 - 00:04:24:18
Martha Meacham
Great question. We thought that this method of storytelling was the perfect way to help showcase our good work across the country. We're doing so much and I'm excited to share the story of the NNLM.

00:04:25:08 - 00:04:43:03
Yamila El-Khayat
Thank you, Martha. I'm excited to be a part of telling these stories too. Please join us for season one of NNLM Discovery launching in February with new episodes releasing weekly. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. This is NNLM Discovery.