Challenges for Agricultural Producers and Workers - How to Assist Those on the Front Line
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People who work in agriculture are directly responsible for feeding the world, no matter if they go and work in the fields or with the animals on a small scale or a big scale. They commit their time and efforts to provide good to the world. Unfortunately, on a day-to-day basis, they are exposed to multiple stress sources related and non-related to their work that may lead often into chronic stress. Will the chronic stress ever go away? How do agricultural producers and workers perceive their levels of stress? What are their main sources of stress? What are possible mitigation techniques? What are their preferred methods of receiving helpful information? The Western Region Agricultural Producers and Workers Stress Surveys were designed by members of the WRASAP team to understand better the stressors and desired mitigation techniques that can be adapted based on gender, race, and age. Over our presentation, we will be mainly focusing on the stress management topics that differ based on those variables. Our data carry meaningful value in representing voices from a community that can be underrepresented in the literature. We intend to yield a higher response rate for context questions and to share resources that are available and useful for the agricultural community. 

This presentation addresses increasing health equity through information and fits within the mission and goals of NNLM by highlighting the work of diverse researchers.

This webinar session is for educational and informational purposes in alignment with NNLM goals and does not offer medical advice.


Gracia María Puerto Hernández, Spanish Speaking Agricultural Extension Coordinator, Washington State University Skagit County Extension  

  1. Present agricultural producers' and workers’ survey data designed to understand stressors and desired mitigation techniques.
  2. Explain how agricultural producers perceive and measure stress, desired management topics, and preferred methods of receiving information related to stress and mental health.
  3. Share what resources are available to help farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers manage their stress and improve their well-being.

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Date(s): August 7, 2024
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
Platform: Zoom
CE Credits: 1.00
CE Categories: MLA
Class Experience Level: Beginner
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Host/Instructor: Carolyn Martin
Technical Assistance: Maddie Romansic

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