Drug and Chemical Information 1. Using, Providing and Prescribing Medications
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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This online, self-paced course introduces librarians to the NLM drug and chemical information for consumers and healthcare professionals. Hands-on exercises show learners how to locate safety information, medication side effects, and drug-drug or drug-food interactions in MedlinePlus.gov and how to find FDA labeling in DailyMed.gov. Authentic problem-based scenarios offer focused practice for learners who assist library users with their prescription medication, over-the-counter drug, and dietary supplement information needs.  

This training is part of the Drug and Chemical Information: On Demand series. See also: 

  • 2. Finding Properties, Effects, and Interactions
  • 3. Exploring New Drug Research

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  1. Distinguish between drug and chemical information resources according to how they match consumer or prescriber needs
  2. Locate drug and chemical safety information, side effects, and interactions in MedlinePlus
  3. Locate prescription and over-the-counter FDA drug labeling in DailyMed

Class Details

Platform: Moodle
CE Credits: 2.00
CE Categories: CHIS Level 1, CHIS Level 2
Class Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
This is a National NNLM class.
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Host/Instructor: Catherine Staley
Technical Assistance: Molly Knapp