Minwanjige Mino-bimaadizi (Eat Well, Live Well)

Minwanjige Mino-bimaadize (Eat Well, Live Well) is a series of four activity books that help fill a critical gap in early childhood learning resources for Native American children. The project focuses on raising awareness of food-associated factors that contribute to physical and emotional health. The project has two objectives:

  • Empower youth in taking control of their health through better understanding of thoughtful eating, the impacts of food on health, and nutrition literacy 
  • Share information with loved ones, caregivers, and community members regarding thoughtful eating, the impacts of food on health, and nutrition literacy 

The books incorporate Ojibwe (a large tribe in the northern U.S.) culture and language; however, the the books can be adapted for other Native American cultures and languages.

The activity books are free! Digital copies of each activity book can be downloaded using the following links:

An Ojibewe/Engish Kindergarten Activity Book
An Ojibwe/English 1st & 2nd Grade Activity Book
Grades 1-2
An Ojibwe/English 3rd & 4th Grade Activity Book
Grades 3-4
An Ojibwe/English 5th & 6th Grade Activity Book
Grades 5-6


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