Meet Tai Chambers, Catalyst for Change in Public Health 🌟

4 weeks 1 day ago
Step into the world of Tai Chambers, a visionary public health professional whose passion ignites change. Based in Atlanta, GA, Tai spearheads the groundbreaking TRIP: Teen Rap Intervention Program, revolutionizing anti-bullying efforts with creativity and fervor. Region 2’s previous session, “Empowering At-Risk Adolescents: Understanding Bullying Dynamics through Rap Music,” promises to be a beacon of... Read More »

A Love Letter to Puerto Rico

2 months 1 week ago
  Tucked in a valley of southwestern Puerto Rico, a bustling and neatly appointed community space offers education and technology opportunities to a multigenerational resident community. During our recent site visit to Puerto Rico, Sarah had the privilege of visiting the NNLM Region 2 subawardee project Strengthening the Emergency Response Capacities of Older Latino Adults Exposed... Read More »
27 minutes 46 seconds ago
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