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This page includes awards made during the current NNLM award period (May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2026).

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Overdose Response Information and Training PCO Hope Plymouth County, as a whole, has been significantly impacted by the opioid epidemic. Between July and November 2021 there were 640 suspected overdose incidents, 50 of those suspected overdoses were fatal. However, more than 90% of people who are administered Narcan for an opioid overdose survive ( For the time period of 2016-2018, the death rate for drug overdoses in Plymouth County was 766 deaths per 100,000 population ( Given the rate of overdose deaths and opioid overdose survival rates due to the…
Region 6 POP University of Wisconsin-Madison Ebling Library For the Health Sciences The purpose of the NNLM Region 6 Partner Outreach Program 2021 is to support health equity by providing health information access throughout Region 6 by the formation and practice of the Partner Outreach Program (POP). Built upon the successful Partner Outreach Library (POL) program of the previous Cooperative Agreement with the National Library of Medicine, POP is intended to fund small outreach events within the POP organization’s state. The period of performance is 01 October 2021 – 30 April 2026.
Healthy Living Outreach in Comanche County The Lawton Public Library seeks to connect the community to quality health information through a series of interactive and educational outreach programs. These programs aim to reach the county’s diverse population along with other underrepresented groups, such as SNAP recipients and low-income households. Lawton Public Library requests funding to purchase equipment, including a portable demonstration kitchen with nutrition curriculum along with a portable group sport activity to…
ConnectNow Respond Now The proposed project will allow for the creation of a digital literacy program and lab housed within Respond Now, a South Suburban Cook county homeless service provider. The proposed program, entitled ConnectNow, will give those with a limited access to technology and health information, an equitable chance to improve digital literacy skills and individual health. 
Supplemental Collection Equity Award University of Portland If awarded, the Supplemental Collection Equity Award would support Nursing students and faculty at the University of Portland School of Nursing and Health Innovations (UPSONHI) with electronic and print books about the reproductive health (commonly referred to as maternal health) of Black people. The phrase reproductive health is used instead of maternal health due to its inclusionary nature of all people,…
Region 6 POP Trinity Health Saint Mary's The purpose of the NNLM Region 6 Partner Outreach Program 2021 is to support health equity by providing health information access throughout Region 6 by the formation and practice of the Partner Outreach Program (POP). Built upon the successful Partner Outreach Library (POL) program of the previous Cooperative Agreement with the National Library of Medicine, POP is intended to fund small outreach events within the POP organization’s state. The period of performance is 01 October 2021 – 30 April 2022.
A Resilience-building Interprofessional Partnership in an Academic Health System Museums, Libraries and Nurses Working Together NYU Grossman School of Medicine, NYU Health Sciences Library This project will provide nurses continuing education through workshops led by museum educators, both on site at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and virtually. The project will introduce a discussion and activity format centered around images of museum works that can be adapted for use in clinical and workplace settings.
Bringing the Best Health Information to Alaska’s Distant Communities University of Alaska Anchorage Medical Library The primary goal of the project is to improve the quality of life and health for Alaska’s citizens by providing information outreach services to the healthcare workforce and to public libraries, especially in rural areas, over a five-year period from May 2021 through April 2026. Access to quality biomedical information will support health professionals in their care of patients. With outreach to healthcare facilities, the Alaska Medical Library (AML) fulfills one component of the Network of the National Library of Medicine’s (NNLM) mission to… AK
Supplemental Collection Equity Award University of Alaska Anchorage Medical Library The Collection Equity Outreach Award would allow the UAA/APU Consortium Library to further supplement the initial grant in purchasing books for the physical and electronic health sciences collection to support the… AK
Healthy Lifestyle with Florence Community Library Florence Community Library This project will provide opportunities in our community to address key health concerns identified in Pinal County’s Health Needs Assessment. In particular, Physical Activity and Nutrition. Educational activities will be offered that include how to prepare healthy food on a budget, growing a garden, preserving food, exercise classes for older adults, and parent/caregiver workshops on raising healthy kids. All activities will include NLM resources. Participants will also be instructed on how to access and navigate the NLM website for their personal use.… AZ
Engaging AZ Public Libraries as Community Hubs for Citizen Science Arizona Library Association Through citizen and community science, people engage in events, projects and programs that can directly improve their health. Increasingly, libraries are becoming community hubs for citizen and community science facilitating participation among UBRs and others. The project aims to train and engage librarians and staff as facilitators and conduits of citizen science to reach and engage more people in understanding threats to environmental determinants of health and participating in projects that aim to address those threats (including… AZ
How to Use Your Health Insurance: Development and Dissemination of an Online Learning Module for Young Adults University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences- Center for Health Literacy This project is a health literacy intervention designed to equip young adults with knowledge to better understand and use their health insurance. A team of health literacy experts will use plain language best practices to develop content for an interactive learning module. Potential users will vet the module content and a prototype to evaluate and improve relevance, understandability, and actionability. The module will be disseminated to students at the university level and include a post-session survey to provide evaluation data and inform future work.  AR
Collection Equity Award Y3 - Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles Mount Saint Mary's University MSMU Libraries wants to use the Collection Equity Award to develop the collection in areas that promote reading as a source of mental health awareness and well-being for its students. Our primary goals include: 1) Develop our popular reading collection to incorporate more topics on mental health and wellness; 2) Work with the University’s Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS) through… CA
H.E.A.L.T.H. (Health Equity Access: Library Telehealth Hub) Sacramento Public Library The Sacramento Public Library, in partnership with HealthImpact, will station a private booth at one library location to be used for telehealth purposes. The booth will be equipped with wi-fi, a laptop, monitor, printer, additional lighting, webcam, and microphone to ensure high-quality video for virtual, private appointments with health professionals. Patrons can make an appointment with a Registered Nurse using Health Impact's telehealth platform. CA
Supplemental Collection Equity Award University of California San Francisco The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Library plans to use the NNLM Region 5 2023 Supplemental Collection Equity Award to expand the graphic medicine collection that we started with the 2022 Collection Equity Award. We were not able to buy all of the desired titles with the initial award, partly because they exceeded the budget and partly because some were out of stock at the time of… CA
Collection Equity Outreach Award San Diego State University Our plan is to purchase materials related to student/young adult health and wellness, specifically in underrepresented populations. Resources purchased with these funds will include graphic medicine, fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, and oral histories representing diverse people, illnesses, and other health related concerns. We… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - California State University, Sacramento California State University, Sacramento I plan to purchase materials by diverse authors and/or about underrepresented populations in health sciences and public health for the Sacramento State University’s collections. Students’ research and writing topics are frequently focused around health inequities and the health disparities that arise from these inequities. Examples of research consultations I have had with the… CA
Supplemental Collection Equity Award University of Southern California - Norris Medical Library The USC Norris Medical Library (NML) plans to expand our Health Humanities and Graphic Medicine collections and promote these to our patrons and library community. The launch of our display Graphic Medicine collection, based on our original award, has encouraged the library to continue the work implied in this application to build this specialized collection as well as add new, diverse health humanities titles… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - California State University, San Marcos California State University, San Marcos The Collection Equity Award would allow California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) to increase access to a more representative and inclusive collection of health-related literature through the purchase of additional monograph titles (both electronic and physical) that focus on underrepresented populations in the health sciences. CSUSM is a regional forward-focused university serving more than… CA
Challenging racism within the context of dental care through ethnic and local media and with libraries as safe, neutral spaces for reaching medically underserved populations San Francisco State University Dental and oral health-care outcomes for racial and ethnic minorities present a stark divide between populations able to access regular dental care, and communities struggling to receive basic and sometimes lifesaving treatment. The public health challenge of racism will be explored within the context of dental care and through the space of public libraries and the participation of ethnic and local media as influential community members. This project — stemming from a larger prospective research effort currently under NIH review (R21 DE032161-… CA
Rural Access to Health Information: Training Community Health Navigators in Northern California to Expand Access to Virtual Health Information Tools California State University, Chico This project seeks to serve rural people in northern California by improving their access to medical information. We will train community health navigators (from two programs in the service region: Home Visitors and Help Me Grow) in rural remote areas on the use of MedlinePlus and other high quality, vetted, reliable health information resources. Two separate trainings will take place throughout the project year, one in English and one in Spanish, to best serve our northern California demographic. Training will… CA
Training Health Sciences Students to Find Data for Local and Global Research and Service Project San Diego State University The  “Finding, Managing, and Analyzing Data for Your Health Sciences Research” workshop series will help students and faculty doing or planning research or service projects in San Diego, or any of the other SDSU locations, find public data on health, demographics, the environment (eg. climate change), and geographical information, to support their research, manage their data using research data management foundational practices, and analyze and visualize that data. Finding government and… CA
Building resilience to health misinformation in San Diego County, California, communities: An online outreach toolkit for library workers University of California, San Diego BACKGROUND: Health misinformation negatively impacts our informed health awareness, decision-making, and adherence to public health measures (Surgeon General, 2021). Consequently, San Diego County, California, declared health misinformation a public health crisis. Libraries in our region can support the County’s campaign to counteract health misinformation through information literacy support and resource access. GOAL: We aim to develop an online outreach toolkit that helps San Diego County library workers (public, academic, and school) launch an… CA
Supplemental Collection Equity Award San Bruno Public Library We would purchase electronic and/or physical books and audiobooks on health topics in both fiction and nonfiction and make them available to the public as part of the library’s collection. These materials would be in both English and/or Spanish and would be part of the library’s featured booklists. CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - University of San Francisco University of San Francisco The Collection Equity Award would allow Gleeson Library at the University of San Francisco to expand print and electronic monograph resources specific to disability studies, disability justice, and the health of people with disabilities. Our disability studies collection is currently limited, and would benefit from targeted, intentional collection development. Given that disability studies is… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - University of Southern California, Jennifer Ann Wilson Dental Library University of Southern California Jennifer Ann Wilson Dental Library We will use this award to build a collection of books on mental health and well-being at the Wilson Dental Library and provide library programming around mental health literacy for dental, oral health, and health sciences students, faculty, staff, and clinicians at the University of Southern California (USC). … CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - San José State University, Martin Luther King, Jr. Library San Jose State University The Collection Equity Award will be used to build a collection pertaining to delivering healthcare to marginalized and medically-underserved populations in Santa Clara County, as identified by the El Camino Health 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).¹ Populations of interest include the elderly, low-income residents, new Americans and/or undocumented immigrants, and the unhoused… CA
Supplemental Collection Equity Award San Diego State University I collaborated with the Health Sciences Librarian to apply for the Collection Equity Award in 2021. Initially our criteria focused on health-related books… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - California Northstate University California Northstate University California Northstate University has established working relationships with local schools, food banks, museums, and other nonprofits for service learning endeavors. The Library is working to support these existing relationships with new academic materials that expand the scope of the Library collection, promote curricular outcomes, and establish service learning components of didactic instruction… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - A.T. Still Memorial Library California A.T. Still Memorial Library - California We plan to expand our Whole Person Health collection to have a Diversity Collection, in which we have fiction, nonfiction, medical term dictionaries in various languages, multicultural textbooks, etc to better support our student population. Our campus has partnered with Community Health Centers to have a unique program where we matriculate diverse students to serve underserved… CA
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