Brace for Impact

by Author Gabe Montesanti

  • Publisher The Dial Press
  • Year published 2022
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-0593241370
  • Number of pages 416 pages
  • WorldCat

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About the Book
Book description

This is Gabe Montesanti's memoir of growing up queer in a conservative Midwestern town and feeling uncomfortable in her own skin until she finds community and a sense of belonging joining Arch Rival, one of the top-ranked roller derby leagues in the world. Gabe instantly falls in love with the sport’s roughness, intensity, and open embrace of people who are literally and figuratively scarred. But when Gabe suffers a catastrophic injury, she can no longer ignore the parallels between the physicality of roller derby and the unresolved trauma of her upbringing. Rendered inactive, forced to be still, Gabe realizes she needs to heal her emotional wounds as much as her physical ones; she must confront her fear and self-diminishment in order to feel truly alive. ebook icon Audio book icon

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About the Author
Author description

Gabe Montesanti has published in HuffPost, LitHub, Creative Nonfiction Magazine, Electric Literature, and Brevity. Her essay, “The Worldwide Roller Derby Convention” was recognized as a notable essay in The Best American Essays 2020.

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