The Curious Heart of Ailsa Rae

by Author Stephanie Butland

  • Publisher St Martin's Griffin
  • Year published 2019
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-1250217011
  • Number of pages 402 pages
  • WorldCat

Curious Heart of Ailsa Rae book cover
About the Book
Book description

Ailsa Rae is learning how to live. She's only a few months past the heart transplant that-just in time-saved her life. Life should be a joyful adventure. But . . . Her relationship with her mother is at breaking point and she wants to find her father. Have her friends left her behind? And she's felt so helpless for so long that she lets polls on her blog make her decisions for her. She barely knows where to start on her own. Then there's Lennox. Her best friend and one time lover. He was sick too. He didn't make it. And now she's supposed to face all of this without him. But her new heart is a bold heart. She just needs to learn to listen to it. ebook icon Audio book icon


"A story of love, loss, learning, and lastly, living. Butland takes the reader on an emotional journey with Ailsa while she finally discovers who she is with her new heart and what type of person she wants to be."—Booklist

"Readers will learn about transplantation as they cheer on Ailsa as she starts a job and a relationship, chooses a career path and deals with the complexities of family."—Library Journal

Stephanie Butland
About the Author
Author description

Stephanie Butland lives with her family near the sea in the North East of England. She writes in a studio at the bottom of her garden, and when she's not writing, she trains people to think more creatively. For fun, she reads, knits, sews, bakes, and spins. She is an occasional performance poet.

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