Sweet Nectar

by Author Kylia P Kennedy

  • Publisher BlackGold Publishing
  • Year published 2022
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-1953130099
  • Number of pages 152 pages
  • WorldCat

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About the Book
Book description

Everything You Want To Know About Chestfeeding takes its readers through what chestfeeding looks like for over a dozen different parents from all walks of life, races, sexualities, and gender identities. Though these stories are all unique there is one thing they have in common; Every single parent needed support they didn’t get. This profound read aims to bring chest- feeding parents of the past, present, and future together finally in an effort for them to feel heard, educated, and understood. 

Sweet Nectar is a recent release from a newer author and an independent book publisher. Our selection criteria for the Reading Club usually include books from larger publishers, as well as books that have had time to be vetted by subject matter experts. After reviewing this book for its relevance to our August Infant Feeding theme, we came to a consensus: this book offers accessible, relatable, and diverse stories. We thought that the inclusion of these poignant vignettes was more important than strictly meeting all of our regular selection standards. It is our hope that this book achieves the objective of connecting to a variety of lived experiences (regarding gender, class, faith, etc.) and provides helpful health information regarding chestfeeding. -- Lorin Jackson

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About the Author
Author description

Kylia P Kennedy is a mother, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, and founder of Sweet Nectar Lactation Services, a business dedicated to providing affordable and personalized care.

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