NNLM 2024 Showcase Symposium

NNLM Showcase January 24-26 - A show and tell of funded projects

The NNLM 2024 Virtual Symposium will highlight projects and activities sponsored by NNLM Regional Medical Libraries, Offices, and Centers. Each sponsored project supports the NNLM's Mission, NNLM National Initiatives, and/or the NLM Strategic Plan. To request NNLM support for health information access related activities you would like to conduct in your community, contact the Regional Medical Library serving your area.

To register, visit the NNLM 2024 Showcase Symposium hosted by vFairs. 

For questions, please contact Tony Nguyen, Executive Director, NNLM Region 1


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Contact the NNLM Training Office for more information.


Contact the NNLM Training Office for more information.

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This class has been approved for Medical Library Association (MLA) continuing education credits.


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Event Title Event Start Date Summary Continuing Education Credits CE Categories Is Online Registration
Developing a Patient Education Module for VA Patients to Promote the Whole Health Approach “Have you ever left a doctor’s visit feeling unsure about what you’re supposed to do next? Or has your doctor asked you questions that you couldn’t answer?” These questions are the crux of a funded partnership between the VA North Texas Health System, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), and the University of North Texas Health Science System (UNTHSC) Division of Academic Innovation (DAI). 1.00 MLA Off
NNLM Region 6 Projects: Multilingual Health Information Resources This webinar will feature two NNLM Region 6 awardees who used funding to create multicultural and multilingual health information resources for their communities. 1.00 MLA Off
Digging in with Data: Experiences from a Paid Summer Internship for BIPOC LIS Students In this one-hour session, attendees can hear from former participants of the NCDS summer internship program for data librarianship. Learn about the application and selection process as well as the experience and impact of this program short term and one year after completion. 1.00 MLA Off
Collection Equity Awards in Public Libraries Join our panel presentation with representatives from selected public libraries who received Collection Equity Awards to learn more about this exciting funding opportunity and its impact in communities. 1.00 MLA Off
One in a Million: Health Outreach and Programming with the All of Us Research Program & Public Libraries The presentation will explore citizen and community science programming, serving communities underrepresented in biomedical research, community engagement strategies, examples of successful outreach, and opportunities for future collaboration and funding. 1.00 MLA Off
Telehealth Services and Social Innovation through Public Libraries Public libraries’ roles have expanded over the past several decades as community needs have exploded. Currently, libraries are responding to social inequities, health disparities, and the growing mental health crisis. Teleservices are also providing convenient access to attorneys, employers, immigration services, and more! Hear about Delaware Libraries telehealth journey and lessons learned through the years as well as online resources that we use including forms and more! The presentation will give opportunities for questions and end with an online guide of useful resources forms and contacts for further support. 1.00 MLA Off
One Step at a Time: Designing Effective Evaluation Plans All NNLM-funded projects require reporting of the awardees’ accomplishments and an evaluation of the value-add of the activities that they engaged in during the course of their award. 1.00 MLA Off
Lightning Talks: Health Connect of South Dakota, Moby Bookmobile at Arapaho Indian Health Services, Mullerian Anomalies Region 4’s lighting presentations will feature speakers from a variety of organizations who have received NNLM grants to improve health education and literacy with an emphasis on serving minority populations. 1.00 MLA Off
2023 LGBTQ+ Health Education and Advocacy Summit Learn how AFFA used a Region 2 Y2 Outreach Award to fund this data-driven, health-equity-centered event. Explore the planning process and how AFFA partnered with the NNLM R2 throughout the process. Explore wins and opportunities for growth that arose. Hear about outcomes and impact on the LGBTQIA+ community. 1.00 MLA Off
Building Community Partnerships and Trust to Support Awareness and Screening for Breast and Cervical Cancer Learn the approach the YWCA Central Massachusetts took to reach individuals in the community to build awareness about breast and cervical cancer. Beginning with connecting and developing relationships with organizations in the community to building a foundation to provide the resources to individuals. You will learn the challenges the YWCA had to overcome, the method they took and how it was successful, and how the whole project was so rewarding. 1.00 MLA Off
How to Apply for NNLM Funding Designed for beginning grant proposal writers interested in NNLM funding, this class presents a general overview of grant and funding processes, as well as the level of detail required for a successful proposal. 1.00 MLA Off