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How PubMed Works: Automatic Term Mapping

Date: April 1, 2020

Beyond an Apple a Day: Providing Consumer Health Information at Your Library

Date: March 24, 2020

Knowing what you don't know: Medical Micro-aggressions

Health care access, serving patients, and working within your community is incredibly important work. To best do this work, we need to know who we are, what we bring to the table, and what we don't know. Join in for a lively conversation to uncover what we don't know, and how Step One is asking the right questions of ourselves and listening to others.

Date: March 18, 2020

Health Literacy in an Academic Environment

This webinar focuses on identifying stakeholders, liability, goal setting and content creation. The webinar will highlight how a library from a mid-size university was able to collaborate with the university’s health service center to promote health literacy.

Date: March 17, 2020

Benchmarking Study of Hospital Libraries

Join us as we discuss a recent survey to assess the current landscape of hospital libraries by collecting benchmarking data from hospital librarians in the U.S. and other countries. Since the last MLA benchmarking survey in 2002 hospital libraries have faced significant changes including downsizing, position and library elimination, and hospital mergers. The results suggest implications for hospital librarians regarding staffing levels and the depth of services within their unique settings, especially within the context of rapidly expanding health systems.

Date: March 11, 2020

Taking Care of Us: Inreach for Library Staff

Stressed out? Notice you are taking more sick days than usual or have less enthusiasm or energy than normal? Whether you are knotted up over work, personal issues, climate change, or politics, it seems like there are plenty of reasons to feel overwhelmed. Join library director, yoga teacher, and physical literacy researcher, Jenn Carson, as she teaches you how to de-stress at your desk, maintain proper posture, avoid injury, and regulate your emotions through breathing, stretching, and other techniques. Participants will learn an easy self-care routine that will help to reduce stress at…
Date: February 27, 2020

Privacy Research & Clinical Text Deidentification with NLM-Scrubber

We strive to discover new clinical facts to promote evidence-based clinical sciences, but such potential discoveries are locked in electronic health record systems due to privacy concerns. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to resolve this vexing social concern. In this presentation, Dr. Mehmet Kayaalp will deconstruct the problem to understand what makes privacy so complex. How can we tap into big health data while preserving the privacy of the patient? One technological solution is NLM-Scrubber, a clinical text de-identification tool developed at the National Library of Medicine.…
Date: February 27, 2020

What Works for Health? Using County Health Rankings and Roadmaps in Grant Writing

This session will provide an overview of What Works for Health, a resource from County Health Rankings and Roadmaps (CHRR), a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. What Works for Health rates the evidence of a broad range of strategies (i.e., policies, programs, systems & environmental changes) that can affect health through changes to: health behaviors; clinical care; social and environmental factors; and the physical environment. Our Guest speaker from the National Network of Public Health…
Date: February 19, 2020

Revealing Stories in Your Genes

Presenters from the Pollak Library at California State University, Fullerton discussed their successful exhibit "History in Our Genes: Human DNA" -- which examined the science and concepts behind the tests; and shared related programming presented in celebration of National DNA Day (April 25th), during the exhibit run. It also included a peek at their upcoming hosting of Politics of Yellow Fever in Alexander Hamilton’s America, a traveling exhibit from the NLM Exhibition Program.

Date: February 18, 2020

The Importance of Digital Literacy and Its Impact on Understanding Health Information

Technology is continuing to improve, and more and more people are looking online for health information, managing care, and trusted advice. Despite the increasing use, there is a digital divide for many individuals that greatly impact their ability to find and access trusted quality health information. Wisconsin Health Literacy developed a digital health literacy program, Health Online: Finding Information You Can Trust, to focus on improving the digital divide. Learn about digital literacy strategies to make digital health resources user friendly for all patrons and ways to help them…
Date: February 17, 2020

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