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Environmental Chemicals and Breast Cancer: What Do We Know? What Can We Do? April 17, 2024 Guest speaker: Julia Brody, Ph.D., Silent Spring Institute

Two thirds of Americans think that cancers – including breast cancers -- are mostly due to inherited genes. The truth is that less than a third of breast cancer risk is due to inherited genes, according to research estimates. And misconceptions stand in the way of actions to prevent the disease. This webinar will (1) review the science on how everyday chemical exposures can influence breast cancer risk and (2) identify resources to help people reduce their exposures by taking simple actions as individuals, community members, and voters. Nearly 1,000 chemicals have been found in laboratory studies to alter key biological pathways to breast cancer. For instance, estrogen and progesterone are known to increase breast cancer risk, and common chemicals—including drinking water pollutants and certain ingredients in pesticides, personal care products, cleaners, and other common products—can influence these hormones in ways that could lead to cancer. Exposure studies reveal patterns of environmental injustice, including higher exposures among Black women to harmful ingredients in hair and skin products. Digital resources like the Detox Me and Clearya smartphone apps can help consumers make safer choices. This session will also show how misleading information, including from sources that people expect to be reliable, can play into industry’s dismissive strategies, echoing the early campaigns against tobacco control. Addressing the preventable causes of breast cancer—which is the most diagnosed cancer worldwide and with incidence rates rising in the U.S. among women under 50—is an urgent public health issue.

Platform/Location: Zoom

#CiteNLM Spring 2024 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (April 24, 2024) April 24, 2024 Join NNLM Staff on Wednesday, April 24, 2024 as we add citations to Wikipedia articles using trusted National Library of Medicine resources. This event addresses increasing health equity through information and the NNLM initiative of citizen science by engaging communities in editing Wikipedia health-related articles with well-sourced additions.

Platform/Location: Zoom

Effective Health Communication and Health Literacy: Understanding the Connection - April 25, 2024 April 25, 2024 This 1 hour webinar introduces the concepts of health literacy and health communication. This presentation addresses improving health literacy, by including information about the NLM/NIH resource MedlinePlus.gov.

Platform/Location: Webex

Cataloging with Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) April 26, 2024 This 90-minute webinar explores the use of MeSH in the cataloging environment.

Platform/Location: Zoom

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