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This page includes awards made during the current NNLM award period (May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2026).

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We Care Wellness Pickens County Library System We Care Wellness will educate the Pickens County community on how to navigate the Pickens County Library System’s (PCLS) online databases on Health and Medicine (MedlinePlus). PCLS will reserve the FREE room (For Research Education and Enrichment) located at the Pickens County Administration building. PCLS will provide in person cooking demonstrations and showcase the “We Care Wellness” kits that will be available for check out. All the “We Care Wellness” kits and cooking demonstrations will be on health topics that have been… SC
Welcome Baby! Expanding Language-Concordant Health Education Resources for New Parents of Diverse Populations in Worcester Worcester Healthy Baby Collaborative “Welcome Baby! Expanding Language-Concordant Health Education Resources for New Parents of Diverse Populations in Worcester” will help low-income parent(s) from racial minority and immigrant groups who are expecting a child or are within 1 year of delivery to gain educational resources necessary for the wellbeing of their infant. Our overarching goal is to reduce infant mortality in our diverse community. We know that reducing barriers and increasing access to clear and actionable health information can help us make meaningful strides toward that goal. MA
Women's Heart Health - Red Dress Sundays - InObservance of Heart Health Month The Medi Community Resource Center February is Heart Health Month, and throughout theentire month, we will be sharing information from subject matter experts that include but are not limited to medical and healthcare professionals, culinary experts, professional trainers and exercise professionals, Tri-county area houses of worship and many other organizations that serveAfrican American, Asian, Native American, Latinaand Caucasian populations to raise awareness aboutthe prevalence of this disease among thesecollective communities in urban, rural andunderserved areas. SC
YWCA Central Massachusetts Breast and Cervical Health YWCA Central Massachusetts This project expands on one funded through an NNLM grant (2021-2022) that provided education, outreach, and referral to cancer screenings to women of color at risk for a breast or cervical cancer diagnosis. The YWCA worked with religious and other culturally specific organizations to reach more of the target audience and… MA
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