Oh, Sis, You're Pregnant!

by Author Shanicia Boswell

  • Publisher Mango
  • Year published 2021
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-1642504989
  • Number of pages 338 pages
  • WorldCat

Oh, Sis, You're Pregnant book cover
About the Book
Book description

With stories from the author's experiences through pregnancy, labor, delivery, and motherhood, and lessons learned as a mother at twenty-two, Oh Sis, You’re Pregnant! focuses on the common knowledge Black pregnant mothers should consider when having their first baby. ebook icon

2021 International Book Awards finalist in Health: Women’s Health | #1 New Release in Pregnancy & Childbirth and Minority Demographic Studies, Medical Ethics, and Women's Health Nursing

Shanicia Boswell
About the Author
Author description

In the midst of running her global parenting community of over half a million women, Black Moms Blog, and retreat company, The Self Care Retreats, Shanicia Boswell is an advocate for Black parenting, diversity, and helping women learn to put themselves first.

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