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This page includes awards made during the current NNLM award period (May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2026).

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Project Title Lead Organization Project Summary Project Start Date Project End Date State
Supplemental Collection Equity Award University of Southern California - Norris Medical Library The USC Norris Medical Library (NML) plans to expand our Health Humanities and Graphic Medicine collections and promote these to our patrons and library community. The launch of our display Graphic Medicine collection, based on our original award, has encouraged the library to continue the work implied in this application to build this specialized collection as well as add new, diverse health humanities titles… CA
Supplemental Collection Equity Award Hawaii State Public Library System Funds from the award will be used to purchase books and materials for a series of book kits targeting parents and caregivers titled: Growing My Garden—Keiki Self-Care Toolkits.  The goal of the kits is to support parents and caregivers in cultivating "seeds" of… HI
Supplemental Collection Equity Award San Diego State University I collaborated with the Health Sciences Librarian to apply for the Collection Equity Award in 2021. Initially our criteria focused on health-related books… CA
Supplemental Collection Equity Award University of California San Francisco The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Library plans to use the NNLM Region 5 2023 Supplemental Collection Equity Award to expand the graphic medicine collection that we started with the 2022 Collection Equity Award. We were not able to buy all of the desired titles with the initial award, partly because they exceeded the budget and partly because some were out of stock at the time of… CA
Supplemental Collection Equity Award University of Portland If awarded, the Supplemental Collection Equity Award would support Nursing students and faculty at the University of Portland School of Nursing and Health Innovations (UPSONHI) with electronic and print books about the reproductive health (commonly referred to as maternal health) of Black people. The phrase reproductive health is used instead of maternal health due to its inclusionary nature of all people,…
Supplemental Collection Equity Award Y2 - Clatskanie Library District Clatskanie Library District If granted, the Clatskanie Library District will continue building on the work we completed with the generosity of funding received last year. We will purchase new, current, and relevant books for our adult general nonfiction collection in the area of health and wellness. Additionally, we would like to create a new health and wellness collection geared toward… OR
Supporting Equitable Access to Emergency Preparedness Resources for Mothers in Mississippi Six Dimensions Mississippi has experienced a series of devastating natural, systemic, and environmental disasters that have required immediate action, sometimes leaving the very unique needs of pregnant and postpartum women unmet. This project will focus on responding to current and emerging needs of pregnant and postpartum women in Mississippi through the development and distribution of community resource boxes that provide basic needs for families. This project will also focus on ensuring that providers that encounter… MS
Sustainable Eating& Nutritional Literacy Express University of North Texas Health Science Center - Library The Sustainable Eating & Nutritional Literacyprojectseeks to address food insecurity and health literacy related to nutrition. The goals of the projectwill be accomplishedthrough educational programming and practical support throughthe extensionof community gardenstoindividual homesby providing home growing kits, especially those in areas without access to affordable fresh fruit and vegetables in North Texas.The educational materials andprograming will listfoods that can be grown in North Texas arranged byseason,the associated benefits with each food, debunkfoodhealth myths,… TX
The Human Dimension Health and Digital Literacy Initiative Seton Hall University, Health Sciences Library and Information Commons Our goal is to:   (1) increase the health information literacy and digital literacy of community members from historically underserved areas in northern New Jersey;  (2) lessen the “digital divide” in these areas through increased access to WiFi-enabled technology in order to better access health information;  (3) train the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine (HMSOM) medical students, faculty, and community programs team, through a partnership with HMSOM and their Human Dimension (HD) program, to… NJ
The NAME Project: Changing the Narrative and Ensuring Data Access of Oral Health Information for Medically Underserved Communities at Public Libraries University of Maryland College Park Disparities in oral healthcare outcomes illustrate a clear line between populations in the United States who are able to access regular dental care, and medically underserved communities struggling to receive basic and sometimes life-saving treatment. The Narratives and Medical Education (NAME) project focuses on working with public libraries in Maryland (and across the country) to provide safe and alternative places for medically… MD
Training Health Sciences Students to Find Data for Local and Global Research and Service Project San Diego State University The  “Finding, Managing, and Analyzing Data for Your Health Sciences Research” workshop series will help students and faculty doing or planning research or service projects in San Diego, or any of the other SDSU locations, find public data on health, demographics, the environment (eg. climate change), and geographical information, to support their research, manage their data using research data management foundational practices, and analyze and visualize that data. Finding government and… CA
Trauma Informed Care Training University of New Mexico - Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center A free virtual training on trauma informed care will inform health science and information professionals on how to incorporate trauma-informed care in their educational settings. During this three-hour training Nisha Mody will utilize evidence based practice and her years of experience to explain the concept of trauma-informed care and… NM
Understanding structural inequities and their influence on health: Training for Community Health Workers and Trusted Messengers University of North Texas Health Science Center - School of Public Health This project includes the development of interactive web-based training modules for Community Health Workers and Trusted Messengers (community leaders with the capacity to influence health in their roles, which may include a broad range of human service providers), as well as general health care providers. The modules will focus on documented structural inequities that have demonstrated an influence on human health and are most often observed as healthy disparities in underserved communities. Traditional health promotion programs have focused on behavior change, and while these are… TX
Welcome Baby! Expanding Language-Concordant Health Education Resources for New Parents of Diverse Populations in Worcester Worcester Healthy Baby Collaborative “Welcome Baby! Expanding Language-Concordant Health Education Resources for New Parents of Diverse Populations in Worcester” will help low-income parent(s) from racial minority and immigrant groups who are expecting a child or are within 1 year of delivery to gain educational resources necessary for the wellbeing of their infant. Our overarching goal is to reduce infant mortality in our diverse community. We know that reducing barriers and increasing access to clear and actionable health information can help us make meaningful strides toward that goal. MA
YWCA Central Massachusetts Breast and Cervical Health YWCA Central Massachusetts This project expands on one funded through an NNLM grant (2021-2022) that provided education, outreach, and referral to cancer screenings to women of color at risk for a breast or cervical cancer diagnosis. The YWCA worked with religious and other culturally specific organizations to reach more of the target audience and… MA
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