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This page includes awards made during the current NNLM award period (May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2026).

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Project Title Lead Organization Project Summary Project Start Date Project End Date State
ESLN Technology: High-speed Scanner METRO - Metropolitan New York Library Council The proposed project is to enable the NYAM to purchase a high-speed scanner, which will allow quicker access to the medical-related materials in our library. NY
ESLN Technology: Tablet Kits for Health Information Capital District Library Council This NNLM grant funded project will enable the Capital District Library Council (CDLC) to preload and provide tablets to our three public library systems to distribute to their member libraries equitably. Primarily, these tablets will provide easy access to high quality online health information from the National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine including PubMed, and MedlinePlus. Links to other curated health information sites endorsed/vetted by the NIH will also be provided. NY
ESLN Technology: Telehealth for All in South Central New York State South Central Regional Library Council (SCRLC) In Fall 2021, SCRLC conducted a telehealth survey among the region's public libraries. Thirty-four of 130 participated, and the survey demonstrated interest in offering telehealth, but privacy was a barrier to some of the respondents. Others may not have responded because they, too, lacked space and privacy. The survey also demonstrated a need for health information literacy education on the part of library workers. In that space is a challenge, we would like to use our technology grant to provide telehealth kits to our public libraries/systems. Patients/patrons will then… NY
ESLN Technology:Assisting Afghans to Relocate, Educate, Assimilate (AAREA) Western New York Library Resources Council This project will provide Afghan and other refugee families recently relocated to Buffalo, New York, with assistance to navigate the healthcare system and locate health information in their native languages. WNYLRC will purchase equipment to provide to refugee families through the International Institute of Buffalo. Caseworkers and volunteers at the IIB will distribute 39 devices to participants already enrolled in IIB programs. The devices can be used at the IIB or at public libraries for the most secure connections. Assisting families to apply for free Internet service through the… NY
Esteemed Elders: Bridging the Digital Divide, Moving Well, Connected with Community Georgia Public Library To create a program to support holistic health in seniors; addressing physical health, the digital divide, and social isolation through varied, and consistently offered programming over a one-year span. The structures we will create, the assets we will gather and the relationships we will nurture will insure the long-term sustainability and growth of this initiative. The program is comprised of three components; Bridging the Digital Divide, Supporting Physical Health, and… VT
Exhibit Grant at 2023 Rural Health Association of Tennessee Annual Meeting East Tennessee State University - Medical Center The project team will exhibit at the Rural Health Association of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee. and as well as other NLM resources will be promoted. The team will make connections with the rural health workforce of Tennessee. The conference will be November 15-17, 2023. Because of pass attendance by the librarians from ETSU relationships have developed. One librarian takes care of the archives for RHAT and another librarian is on the conference planning committee and runs the… TN
Expanding Access to Information to Support the Delivery of Evidence-Based Healthcare Access Utah Eccles Health Sciences Library Publisher paywalls limit access to approximately 75% of the published biomedical literature.  That represents a massive amount of information being withheld from healthcare providers who lack subscriptions to the journals that control this content.    The Eccles Health Sciences Library (EHSL) is launching an initiative that enables licensed… UT
Expanding Claire’s Community #BeMoreLikeClaire Through partnerships with local libraries, schools, businesses, faith communities and organizations, Claire’s Community (hereafter referred to as CC) will improve public health by providing increased health literacy and equal access to abuse prevention information. CC will be a supportive network of mentors trained in abuse prevention who know how to help young people and adults 1)recognizethe red flags in relationships; 2) understand the role that power and control play in abuse; and 3) preventrelationship abuse, trauma, or a tragic ending. CC curriculum and delivery model… KS
Feed, Read, and Grow: Pediatric Anxiety Management Videos Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Virginia Campus Feed, Read, and Grow is a multi-agency project focused on improving access to health services, food, and literacy resources in the community. We will produce videos with content developed by the creative wellness company JOI NEURON based on recommendations from pediatricians and mental health professionals and delivered through original characters and educational songs in English and Spanish. These videos will be freely available on YouTube and Vimeo. The goal is to engage caregivers and their children in a fun learning experience about the important topic of anxiety. Through a… VA
Focused Outreach: Collection Development Champlain Valley Union High School The Medical Library at CVPH is requesting funding for the purchase of six titles for use by the hospital staff to continue the NNLM book club programs.  Prior to the pandemic, the kits were obtained and were popular with staff. CVPH would like to resume book clubs virtually to promote awareness and educate staff about resilience, LGBTQ+ issues, DEI topics and other pertinent public health topics such as vaccination.   … VT
Fostering diversity awareness in nursing students to improve health disparities for underserved populations in Texas Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing - Learning Resource Center Baylor University, Louise Herrington School of Nursing (LHSON), located in Dallas, Texas is partnering with The Family Place and Austin St. Center in delivering quality consumer health literature instruction to underserved individuals in the Dallascommunity. As part of the LHSON mission Rio Grande Valley trip, LHSON is also partnering with Catholic Charities Respite Center and Texas River Ministry in delivering nursing care to meet immediate needs of underserved minorities and in promoting healthy lifestyles for adults and children. To reduce health disparities and promote healthy… TX
Get Healthy with Rover! Library System of Lancaster County The Library System of Lancaster County (LSLC) provides mobile library resources to home-based childcare providers of children birth to age five through the Be READy Rover bookmobile, the Early Literacy Outreach Specialist, and their partnership with community organizations. Collaboratively, we focus on essential components to healthy development and learning, provide training and educational materials to providers, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, helped to provide basic food services to Providers and the families they serve. The Get Healthy with Rover! project would utilize the… PA
Getting Connected: Digital Literacy Education for Seniors Penn Asian Senior Services We want to empower Asian-American seniors to engage with digital life. The Pew Charitable Trust found that nearly one-third of seniors report never using the internet. Low-income seniors and seniors with limited English, especially, do not have access. According to the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), 21% of immigrant adults who speak a language other than English at home have no computer experience, compared to only 5% of English speakers. Even if seniors manage to get online, they disproportionately fall… PA
Green Thumbs In Your Community Black Girls With Green Thumbs Black Girls With Green Thumbs promotes health literacy in a way that is culturally competent and accessible, meeting community members where they are - online and within their neighborhoods - and invites them to new experiences like community-based gardening and physical activity.  The ongoing “Green Thumbs In Your Community” program will continue to build a network of individuals, families, and community institutions that utilize gardening and physical activity… PA
H.E.A.L.T.H. (Health Equity Access: Library Telehealth Hub) Sacramento Public Library The Sacramento Public Library, in partnership with HealthImpact, will station a private booth at one library location to be used for telehealth purposes. The booth will be equipped with wi-fi, a laptop, monitor, printer, additional lighting, webcam, and microphone to ensure high-quality video for virtual, private appointments with health professionals. Patrons can make an appointment with a Registered Nurse using Health Impact's telehealth platform. CA
Healing Conversations for the “Sick and Tired: ”Mental Health Information for the North Omaha Community Creighton University Fannie Lou Hamer famously stated that she was “sick and tired of being sick and tired,”referring tothe impact of racismthat she felt physically, mentally, spiritually, and politically. The proposed project, Healing Conversations for the “Sick and Tired:”Mental Health Information for the North Omaha Community, will engagean African American community in North Omaha in conversations about mental health and share authoritative mental health information from National Library of Medicine resources.The project is a unique partnership between the… NE
Health Education and Literacy (HEAL) Project University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler - Watson W. Wise Medical Research Library The Health Education and Literacy (HEAL) Project at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler aims to improve access to health information for rural and underserved communities in East Texas. The HEAL Project will have a specific emphasis on health equity using the REACH (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Health) framework from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (Giles et al., 2004). By creating and disseminating information with interactive components, the project seeks to remove barriers to reliable health information that impede health literacy,… TX
Health Impacts of Lead Exposure: Enhance, Engage, & Empower Community Awareness University of Florida - Health Science Center Libraries The proposed slate of activities complements a National Library of Medicine (NLM) traveling exhibit entitled “This Lead is Killing Us: A History of Citizens Fighting Lead Poisoning in Their Communities.”[1] which explores how citizens have confronted lead industries, housing authorities, and elected officials to protect their health against the dangers of lead poisoning. The… FL
Health Information Literacy Online Sullivan County Public Library This program seeks to provide Sullivan County seniors and caregivers with instruction on researching reliable health information online, how to improve health information literacy, and how to use library services for assistance in health-related research. Participants in this two-hour seminar will learn ways to improve internet search methods for reliable health information, how to navigate NLM resources like MedlinePlus, DailyMed and PubMed, and how library staff and services can help in finding accurate and… TN
Health Information Literacy Training for Southeastern Illinois Eastern Illinois University Booth Library This project builds on the digital literacy program developed by Illinois Broadband READY to add a digital health literacy component. Health literacy experts will work with public libraries and organizations serving gender and sexually diverse (GSD) populations to create a curriculum that addresses their specific needs. Library staff and organization GSD representatives will be trained to provide further training to their patrons and members. IL
Health Information Programs Brooklyn Public Library Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) is pleased to be invited to partner with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Region 7 to deliver health information outreach programs. BPL respectfully requests a $40,000 grant to support an 11-months of health information programs serving library patrons. Programs include a series of workshops on health topics conducted with community partners, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes, and a graphic medicine program. NY
Health Information Programs for Immigrants Brooklyn Public Library rooklyn Public Library (BPL) will develop and implement a 12-month project of expert-led health information programs targeted to Brooklyn’s immigrant populations with a special focus on addressing the needs of library patrons for whom English is not their primary language. Health Information programs will address known social determinants of health specific to Brooklyn; the programs will address the topic areas of: Mental Health, Maternal Health, Health Insurance and Access to Care Navigation, Nutrition, and Positive Aging. The 50 planned programs will increase 750 patrons… NY
Health Information Translations Central Ohio Hospital Council Health Information Translations (HIT) is a website for low-literacy health information translated into multiple languages. was established to share translated health information, predominantly for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) populations. Primarily provided for health care providers serving LEP patients, it is also available for individuals to access at no cost in up to 19 languages, depending on the topic. HIT was launched in 2005 as a collaboration of Central Ohio Hospital Council and the primary central Ohio health systems to reduce the barriers to… OH
Health Literacy & Digital Learning in Rural Affordable Housing Developments Libraries Without Borders With the support of NNLM, Libraries Without Borders US (LWB US) will develop a model for quality health and digital learning for rural communities living in affordable housing developments. LWB US is a national nonprofit that designs programs that meet people where they are, providing the resources they need most. Since 2016, LWB US has led the Wash and Learn Initiative (WALI), which delivers library services in laundromats. Services include digital skill-building, early childhood literacy, and through the support of NNLM, a carefully… DC
Health Literacy for All Al-Hamra Academy This project seeks to make accessible for students, their families, and members of the larger community health information by creating a robust educational learning experience across grade levels. This project will have an in-depth focus on different aspects of biomedical clinical research. We will host for students and parents a module-based curriculum that focuses on the following four target areas:M1 - Health LiteracyHuman Immune systemRole of immunizationInfectious diseases and how to fight them MA
Health Literacy Outreach through Family Programming and Creative Engagement Kits ANTELOPE LENDING LIBRARY Health Literacy Outreach through Antelope Lending Library (ALL) would aim to reach underserved and underrepresented populations to provide health literacy learning through 12 weekly programs at Open Heartland, distribution of 450 activity kits over 3 months, collection development of health literacy books, and distribution of All of Us materials with all programs, kits, and books provided through this grant. Our goals are to (1) grow our children’s, young adult, and adult nonfiction collections by adding accurate, current, unbiased health… IA
Health Literacy Student Fellows Program Indian River State College - Pruitt Campus Library Indian River State College (IRSC) has a need to educate its students in the skills of health literacy.  The community that the college serves has a need for health literacy trainers and ambassadors from all ages and economic backgrounds in order to make a substantive impact on the St. Lucie County community.  IRSC's proposed project, Health Information Student Fellows Program, offers the opportunity to address both of these needs in an innovative and meaningful way.  In Phase One, students will receive instruction on MedlinePlus as well as learn… FL
Health Literacy Supports Resiliency: Support for BIPOC Women and Families The Children's Home Society of New Jersey The goal of the project is to increase health literacy of participant Ocean and Monmouth County families about COVID-19 preventive measures such as vaccination and consistent mask use; and emotional health, anxiety and depression related to the pandemic and other social determinants of health, using medically accurate, bilingual health information sources such as Medline Plus and other vetted sources from the National Library of Medicine. The project’s intended audience is primarily Black and Hispanic families born in the US and myriad other countries of origin, especially… NJ
Health Tools for All Project (HTAP) Taking Effective Action, Inc. Taking Effective Action, Inc. (TEA) will carry out the Health Tools for All Project (HTAP) with a goal to increase knowledge of health condition affecting minorities, credible sources of health information from the National Library of Medicine (NLM), and medical research including the All of Us Research Program. TEA will utilize its longstanding presence in Prince George’s County Maryland and the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area and established relationships with faith-based and other community… MD
Healthcare Informatics Data on Demand (HIDD) University of San Diego The project will support data infrastructure that improves student access to biomedical and health information including underserved, minority and underrepresented communities such as:… CA
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