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This page includes awards made during the current NNLM award period (May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2026).

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Impact of COVID 19 on Overall Student Wellbeing: An Examination of Stress Causality on the Basis of Sex, Race, Income & Grade Level Northern Kentucky University (NKU)  The purpose of this project is to: 1.) Determine the underlying causes for post-traumatic stress in college students at a Southern, regional accredited university and 2.) Develop four 15 to 20-minute virtual Health Literacy mini-curriculum sessions to share with university students, and populations alike. Utilizing the Trauma Symptom Check-list 33, which has six sub-scales (anxiety, depression, sexual abuse trauma index, sleep disturbance, and sexual problems),… KY
Improving Access to Oregon Syringe Exchange Heath Information HIV Alliance HIV Alliance proposes to implement a new system of digital data collection, management, and dissemination for our syringe exchange program, which serves a diverse population of people who inject drugs (PWID) across seven Oregon Counties (Lane, Douglas, Marion, Josephine, Coos, and Curry). Ultimately, this project will increase access to accurate syringe exchange health information and data dissemination, internally and externally, leading to enhanced transparency and collaboration and will help strengthen our capacity to provide essential infection and overdose prevention services.… OR
Improving Access to Quality Health Information through Little Free Libraries St. Luke's Health System Project Summary: This pilot project aims to improve the health literacy of the refugee community in Boise by distributing culturally appropriate health information via Little Free Libraries. This project supports NNLM’s mission to improve public health by empowering underserved groups to make effective use of information for health decision-making. It also provides the opportunity to build partnerships with relevant stakeholders that can provide support in selecting appropriate titles and promoting the project to the refugee community. ID
Improving Digital and Health Literacy among Rural Seniors Decatur Public Library The goal is to improve digital and health literacy for rural seniors through health literacy classes, interactive digital literacy sessions, one-on-one digital literacy support, and increased social activities. In addition, we hope to decrease social isolation through increased digital literacy resulting in a reduction of health risks associated. The intended audience for DPL’s Increasing Health and Digital Literacy project will be rural seniors aged 65 and older accessing services through Wise County Committee on Aging, although the… TX
Improving emergency preparedness practices among students in south Georgia Georgia Southern University Research and Service Foundation, Inc. In Georgia, especially in coastal Georgia, the residents are at higher risk of being impacted by natural disasters such as hurricanes (with at least one episode per year). Hurricanes, floods, drought, earthquakes, and other weather-related emergencies are life-threatening events, and many people are not aware of existing information on how to prepare and respond to emergency situations. This project aims to promote awareness, preparedness, education, training, and safety coordination to improve responses to natural… GA
Improving Health Literacy and Telehealth in Carroll County, NH Conway Public Library Our Improving Health Literacy and Telehealth in Carroll County proposal aims to expand the capacity of our underserved citizens to access, understand and participate in internet available healthcare resources. This includes reaching our adult Medicaid, Medicare, and substance use disorder populations. During winter 2022, we will provide a 4-part speaker series to cover 1.) discerning reliability of internet health information, 2.) interpreting clinical research findings and claims, 3.) using telehealth visits and 4.) participate in clinical research… NH
Improving knowledge of HPV and Cancer using a community app for Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Women Team Maureen If we are to accomplish the World Health Organizations goal of a cervical cancer free world, we must we must understand the specific barriers to primary and secondary prevention that exist for lesbian, bisexual, and queer women, and provide high quality educational materials to inform their health care decisions. The aim of our project is to assess current understanding of HPV, the HPV vaccine, and HPV vaccination rates among the LGBTQ+ community and their perceptions of the role that HPV plays in cancer. We will also assess participant’s understanding of cervical cancer… MA
In This Together - Digital and Health Literacy with York County Public Library York County Public Library The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted several deficits within the York County, VA community, specifically the lack of digital literacy among seniors ages 65+. As our communities shut down during the pandemic and began relying on virtual connections, many of our seniors were shut out from everyday resources due to the digital divide. Simple tasks, such as purchasing groceries and setting up appointments to receive healthcare, suddenly became overwhelming obstacles in the form of online grocery ordering and virtual doctor’s appointments. It became obvious that digital… VA
Increasing Digital Literacy in Communities Underrepresented in Biomedical Research Black Girl Health Foundation The project’s goal is to increase the public's digital literacy (DL) to enable awareness of health resources, focusing on African American (AA) communities, who are often underrepresented in Biomedical Research. The increasing digitization of health information presents challenges in communities where DL and digital health literacy (DHL) rates are low—an issue that has been compounded by extensive health misinformation during the pandemic. This project will increase DHL by raising the low levels of DL within AA communities. To maximize impact, BGHF will… AR
Increasing the Understanding of the CDC’s Guidance on PrEP to Erase LGBTQ Health Disparities Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center’s Health Programs team will design and implement training on the CDC’s recently updated guidance on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and inclusive and affirming practices for treating LGBTQ+ patients. The team will provide tailored training with actionable and reliable LGBTQ+ health information to Lehigh Valley healthcare professionals. This will also include best practices for utilizing MedlinePlus as a trusted professional resource for working with the LGBTQ+… PA
Innovate to Communicate: Health Literacy Workforce Training Implementation University of North Texas Health Science Center - SaferCare Texas Innovate to Communicate: Health Literacy Workforce Training aims to educate frontline clinicians and hospital leaders in the knowledge and application of health literacy practices. By empowering healthcare with tools and resources for action, Innovate to Communicate promotes health literate organizations in North Texas hospitals. The program includes self-learning modules and a multimedia, interactive workshop in person or via Zoom, using videos, discussion, interactive exercises and role play of clinician-patient scenarios to encourage learning but also attitudinal and behavioral… TX
Innovative Initiatives- Promoting Diversity in Nursing and Health Midlands of South Carolina Black Nurses Association, Inc. This second annual scholarship luncheon will focus on the data-driven, innovative nursing projects that have been, or are being,implemented by the Midlands of South Carolina Black Nurses Association. This includes the pilot "Mini-Nursing Academy,"through the National Black Nurses Association, Inc. as well as the COVID-19 Photovoice Project that was funded by the RobertWood Johnson Foundation, and the recently formed nursing partnerships that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in nursing.These initiatives highlight the ongoing disparities in nursing workforce,… SC
Innovative Mentoring Programs to Diversify the Nursing Workforce Midlands of South Carolina Black Nurses Association, Inc. The Midlands of South Carolina Black Nurses Association will host its third annual scholarship luncheon in December 2023. Using reliable and timely data, this event will highlight the current nursing workforce and discuss innovative approaches and strategies to create a more diverse nursing workforce. Midlands of SC Black Nurses Association will provide updates on its Mini Nurse Academy and its student nurse mentoring program by Prisma Health Scholars (in development). NNLM will have an exhibit table at this event. SC
Laying the Groundwork for an Evidence Based Literature for Community Health Workers Tufts University - Hirsh Health Sciences Library CHW Central is the preeminent web-based community of practice and knowledge MA
LGBTQ-affirming Health Fairs at Public Libraries Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center Through LGBTQ-affirming Health Fairs at Public Libraries, Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center aims to provide community members resources and referrals for specific LGBTQ-affirming healthcare services and providers in the Lehigh Valley region. The LGBTQ community experiences significant health disparities due to our historically marginalized status as a community. Through partnerships with 4 public libraries in Eastern Pennsylvania, we will create LGBTQ-affirming health fairs where participants will find information about some of the principal health issues affecting the… PA
LGBTQ+ Health Equity Summit Alliance for Full Acceptance The LGBTQ+ Health Equity Summit is an annual 2-day hybrid/virtual event. With both keynote speakers and breakout sessions, the Summit is open to anyone who wishes to expand their understanding of the unique experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQ+) individuals and discuss issues affecting the health of this community. SC
LGBTQIA+ Health Education and Workforce Development Central Massachusetts Area Health Education Center The Central Massachusetts Area Health Education Center (CMAHEC) DBA Center for Health Impact (CHI) is proposing to deliver a series of health education and workforce development trainings dedicated to topics related to LGBTQIA+ health in order to meet the growing needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Allied (LGBTQIA+) communities throughout Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut. This project will be aligned with the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM)’s mission of improving public health by training health professionals to deliver… MA
Little Free Libraries in East TN: Improving Access to Health Information Book by Book Preston Medical Library and Health Information Center UTMC serves many rural counties thatrequire patients to commute, making patientshesitant about checking out the health books due tothe nature of having to return them. Even thosepatients that are in Knox County, where UTMC islocated, are unsure about having reliabletransportation to return the checked-out books. Inorder to bring health books and access to healthinformation to Knox County and the surroundingrural counties, the HIC proposes buying healthbooks and placing them in already establishedLittle Free Libraries throughout the community.Little Free Libraries are free book-… TN
Locating Latino and Hispanic American’s Consumer Health Information in the Metaverse University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus This proposal aims to enhance health information equity for Latinos/Hispanics in the metaverse, specifically through applications from the Second Life (SL) Platform. The project will create an immersive environment on the three dimensional space in the Second Life digital metaverse, where a learning space on health information will be created for Hispanic residents. The main purpose of this SL space will be to target the most frequent diseases in their communities and… PR
Making “Mother Goose on the Loose – Goslings” Program Accessible to More Parents of Medically Complex Infants in the NICU Mother Goose on the Loose, LLC Mother Goose on the Loose (MGOL) is a method for planning and presenting early childhood programs that incorporates research-based theories of learning through engaging activities to help children ages 0-3 develop and strengthen early literacy, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Target audience is parents, family caregivers, teachers, librarians, and other professional helpers. Among the many adaptations of MGOL, the MGOL-Goslings program was developed to address the need for early language and literacy intervention… MD
Mālama i ka ʻikepili, Caring for Data: Supporting Hawaiʻi’s Research Data Needs through a Library Data Services Program University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Library The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UHM) Library seeks support for the development of a biomedical data management and data sharing course optimized for Hawaiʻi researchers and students, culminating in a live symposium in Spring 2023. This project will lay the foundation for data services in the UHM Library going forward. We are requesting $25,000 to hire a part-time library data services assistant to help conduct a data needs assessment, develop the asynchronous online course, and organize the symposium. HI
Medical History Today: Monkeypox International Museum of Surgical Science “Medical History Today: Monkeypox” is an exhibition at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago on view in the first floor Welcome Gallery, aimed at providing visitors with up-to-date information from the CDC, the NIH, and the WHO. Visitors will learn from visually rich text panels, interactive video clips, and actionable handout materials to better understand Monkeypox in an effort to spread knowledge of how to prevent the spread of the virus. The Museum targets its general audience to engage with these… IL
Meeting the Community Information Needs to Reduce Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Louisiana State University Health Science Center Shreveport - Library To advance the progress of medicine and to improve public health, this quality improvement project has two components. One to offer a free virtual symposium providing information on maternal morbidity and mortality issues such as hypertension, gestational diabetes, infectious diseases, and substance abuse to healthcare providers and the community in the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) Region 3 seven states. The other goal is to create infographics at the third-grade reading level when possible, addressing 7-9 common factors in the outcomes of maternal morbidity and… LA
Mental Health Awareness and Outreach Initiative to Stamford Community Ferguson Library Mental health issues have increased in the state of Connecticut over the last several years. As an urban public library, we have seen this first hand in our community. Factors such as the isolation due to the pandemic, financial stress, and unemployment are all contributing to the rise in mental health issues. Due to the severity of mental health issues facing Stamford teens, in 2022, the Stamford Mayor’s Office created a special commission with a focus on improving mental health among youth. The Ferguson Library would like to support and… CT
Mental Health Resources Atlantic Public Library The county recently completed a community health needs assessment. Mental Health was identified as the top need by both area health service providers and the public. The Atlantic Public Library and Healthy Cass County will provide mental health resources equitably to all residents of Cass County by providing tablets for use at the library with reliable health resources, purchasing mental health related materials for all six Cass County libraries for circulation, and hosting four county-wide events that address mental health topics.
Mid Atlantic Chapter Medical Library Association Annual Meeting Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association - MLA MAC The Mid Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association holds an annual meeting that brings together information professionals from across the region for networking events, speakers, and learning opportunities including supplemental continuing education offerings. The theme for our virtual conference this year is Pivot! Resilience and Unity in the Face of the Unknown. In addition to papers and posters, our featured speakers will discuss the information needs of diverse communities, open science and open data during the COVID pandemic, and privilege and equity in library and information… DC
Mindful Eating for the Beloved Community Black Culinarian Alliance We will work with the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) and one or more local community organizations to implement culturally appropriate healthy eating curriculum that goal is focused on sustainable well-being inthe U.S. Virgin Islands. NY
Mindful Eating for the Beloved Community (Y2) Black Culinarian Alliance We will work with the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) and one or more local community organizations to implement culturally appropriate healthy eating curriculum that goal is focused on sustainable well-being inthe U.S. Virgin Islands. NY
Minds Matter: Eliminating Healthcare Stigma Black Girl Health Foundation Black Girl Health Foundation’s “Minds Matter: Eliminating Healthcare Stigma” is a program in partnership with community libraries that are designed to reach out to women of color in urban communities and educate them about mental health and mental health resources. Black Girl Health Foundation (BGHF) has already hosted successful Minds Matter events in the following cities in 2021; Harrisburg, New Orleans, Washington D.C., and Houston. During Black History Month (February 2022) Black Girl Health Foundation will return to Washington D.C. and pilot in St… AR
Minds Matter: Tackling major issues affecting black women's mental health Black Girl Health Foundation Black Girl Health Foundation (BGHF)’s “Minds Matter: Tackling major issues affecting black women's mental health” is a program in partnership with The Dauphin County Library System that is designed to reach out to women of color in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area and educate them about mental health and mental health resources. The goal of the project is to eliminate the healthcare stigma surrounding mental health, promote mental health literacy, and increase information and awareness about NLM’s MedlinePlus resources and NNLM’s “Caring for… AR
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