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This page includes awards made during the current NNLM award period (May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2026).

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Mirror Mirror Resources for Health, Food, and Environment: an Online Library for Black Youth and Families OurSpace World, Inc. (OSW) The primary goal of this project is to use NNLM resources (e.g., Medline, MedlinePlus, PubMed) to create a public online repository of resources containing materials representative of Black/African and Latinx youth of color, centered around agriculture, farming, food, health, environmental health and environmental justice. The online repository would aim to meet the needs of parents, educators, librarians, farmers, and youth program staff seeking to integrate these materials into their program activities and better serve Black youth. This repository will enhance existing on-farm and… MD
Mobile Medical Outreach: Increasing Health Literacy, Education and Care in Richmond, VA Richmond Public Library - Richmond, Virginia Decreasing or when possible, eliminating barriers to care, is one of the most effective ways to engage people in taking steps toward better health and well-being. Daily Planet Health Services (DPHS) provides primary care, behavioral and mental health, substance use, oral health, case management, pharmacy counseling, and health education/outreach via an integrated care model to some of the most vulnerable in the Greater Richmond community – the homeless and those experiencing housing instability. DPHS is uniquely positioned to be able to treat patients of all ages across… VA
Mobile Montana Healthcare Training Laptop Lab Logan Health The acquisition and use of a portable computer lab will provide increased opportunities for successful outreach programs throughout our service area. This project is the first phase of a three phase initiative. Planned programs are designed for the following key purposes: 1) providing training sessions on various NLM resources to foster increased knowledge, 2) confident selection and use of healthcare resources supporting individuals’ ability to make informed decisions about their health, 3) healthcare professionals’ access to biomedical resources to elicit… MT
Moby Bookmobile at Arapaho Indian Health Services (IHS) Moby Bookmobile Moby Bookmobile is continuing its outreach to the Wind River Indian Reservation community with this proposal, bringing book distribution to Arapaho’s Indian Health Service clinic. Being a convenient and often visited location, a rack of free books will be set in the IHS waiting area. Families can select and keep books for their homes, and staff at the clinic will have books in reserve to place on the racks each day. The project succeeds with the cooperation of Arapaho clinic staff and administration. WY
Moby Bookmobile of the Wind River Reservation Moby Bookmobile Moby Bookmobile’s main goal is to distribute literature and print resources to the tribal populations of the Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming.  COVID-19’s impact has interrupted the usual services of schools, libraries and other information centers and this proposal fills a gap in access to reading, health and other information… WY
Multilingual health information and literacy skills: The importance of Information access University of Memphis Health Sciences Library Goal: The project goals are to improve health information literacy by increasing the ability of community members to find and use high-quality health information. We will increase awareness of health information resources.  Justification: The digital divide or digital inequality prevents many from participating in available online services, and to use information technologies. The situation became more difficult with the COVID-19 pandemic. It becomes increasingly important to develop health information literacy skills in times of COVID-19. In a multilingual and multicultural… TN
Native Health Database Community Engagement Studios University of New Mexico - Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center To meet the needs of multiple stakeholders, the Native Health Database (NHD) has necessarily evolved numerous times since its initial creation in the early 1990s. A recently-funded NNLM-SCR project (January-April 2021) saw the migration of its former platform to one now served through Mukurtu CMS, a database that provides numerous pathways for content creators, Indigenous communities, users, and providers to collaboratively—and respectfully—exchange information. To ensure it continues meeting the needs of its myriad stakeholders, this project will engage the… NM
NEOBHC Mpox Prevention Outreach Program Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition The Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition (NEOBHC) proposes a project to help protect unsuspecting sexual partners from potential infection due to mpox or other STDs. We will create QR code stickers for condom packages. The QR code will link to monkeypox information from MedlinePlus and/or the CDC in addition to information regarding public health treatment locations for those suspecting infection. Our Community Engagement Director will have the bagged condoms available at the NEOBHC table to be… OH
NFPL Create Your Healthy Life: Bringing Digital Technology and Telehealth Access to Niagara for Learning, Communication, and Building Your Healthiest Future Niagara Falls Public Library The goal of the Niagara Falls Public Library (NFPL) Create Your Healthy Life: Bringing Digital Technology and Telehealth Access to Niagara for Learning, Communication, and Building Your Healthiest Future project is to provide its library community a private environment and supportive resources to access telehealth and personal health information by providing private computers and sound-proof, 1 – 4-person meeting booths. The Niagara Falls Public Library is part of the NIOGA Library System, which serves Niagara, Orleans, and Genesee… NY
Northstar Digital Literacy: Digital Literacy Skills for Telehealth Literacy Minnesota Through a multi-phase project, Northstar will develop several digital health literacy modules. In Phase 1, the focus of this Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) application, Northstar will identify the standards and create an assessment to gauge individuals' digital literacy skills that are needed for successful telehealth participation. Digital literacy is a critical skillset needed to ensure everyone has access to quality health care. Providing devices and internet service alone are not enough – people need digital skills in order to effectively… MN
NPL Telehealth Initiative for Seniors Nashville Public Library Services targeting seniors continue to move to theinternet (health information, social security, Medicare details, employment opportunities, and other social services). During the Covid-19 pandemic this digital divide has become even more pronounced for seniors. NPL's Digital Inclusion (DI) program aims to close this digital gap andprovide much need health information to underresourced seniors. The Digital Inclusion programcreates cognitive stimulation, eliminatesisolation, reduces depression, builds bonds,creates easier access, provides access to criticalhealth and… TN
Nursing and Academic Success: Advancing health literacy and nursing education through student-led curriculum workshops Southern Connecticut State University The Southern CT State University (SCSU) Department of Nursing (DN) and the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services (CASAS) propose a Health Information Outreach project that will advance health information resources in Minority university students and encourage the use of reliable NLM databases when searching for health information. It will also provide ongoing support for students through the aid of academic peer mentors, a method promoted by experts in order to support Minority students are they pursue careers in nursing. The project’s first phase will… CT
Nursing Experts: Translating the Evidence Phase 4 (NExT4) University of Illinois Chicago College of Nursing-Urbana Campus The University of Illinois Chicago’s Library of the Health Sciences and the College of Nursing have been engaged in a series of evidence-based practice (EBP) education programs targeted to public health, acute and ambulatory care nurses.  These programs have expanded and built upon each other and used partnerships and connections towards providing equal access to biomedical… IL
Nursing Experts: Translating the Evidence Phase 5 (NExT5) University of Illinois Chicago College of Nursing-Urbana Campus The University of Illinois Chicago’s Library of the Health Sciences (LHS) and the College of Nursing have been engaged in a series of evidence-based practice (EBP) education programs targeted to public health, school health, acute and ambulatory care nurses.  These programs have expanded and built upon each other and used partnerships and connections towards providing equal access to biomedical information to all U.S. health professionals and the use of scientific evidence to guide healthcare decision-making. In Phases 1 and 2, the Nursing… IL
Nutrition and Health Information Literacy in New Haven Public Schools New Haven Public Schools This project brings New Haven Public School (NHPS) teachers/librarians, medical librarians from Quinnipiac University and Yale University, medical, and nutritional experts to develop a health information literacy curriculum. We will center on two initial areas: evaluating and applying nutritional information so students can make better decisions about diet, and evaluating health information in order to make better decisions about health claims. By doing so we will further the NNLM mission of “...improving individuals’ access to information to enable them to make… CT
Ohio Menstrual Health Equity Project Aunt Flow The Ohio Menstrual Health and Period Poverty Information Project is a communitybased project to improve access to menstrual health products and reliable information. It is targeted specifically to youth ages 12+ and adults who menstruate and those who care for them. When people understand menstrual health, they are prepared to advocate for their own care and those they care for recognizing troubling conditions, leading to earlier treatment and better outcomes. OH
One Bite at a Time: On the Road to Improve Health Outcomes in Rural Jeff Davis County, Texas Jeff Davis County Library Jeff Davis County Library, in partnership with the Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County and Friends of the Jeff Davis County Library, have established a mobile outreach program to bring much-needed resources to the rural and remote county. By utilizing a Charlie Cart mobile kitchen and resources from MedlinePlus, the program will be able to offer a comprehensive food and nutrition curriculum to grades kindergarten through fifth grade. TX
Opening Doors to the Outdoors Blackstone Heritage Corridor This grant application is to fund adaptive cycling events supported by the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor (BHC) Volunteers-In-Parks program in partnership with Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park, All Out Adventures, Bike-On, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, and Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, to be held along the Blackstone River Greenway in Blackstone, MA and the Blackstone River Bikeway in Lincoln, RI. This grant application is to… MA
Our Community Window: A Library Website for Access and Inclusion Charlotte Library Our library has witnessed an ever-increasing demand for health information. Unfortunately, our current website does not allow us to provide the information to our community as quickly as we should. This means our friends and neighbors do not get timely news about weather emergencies or find the mental health resources they need. The problem is two-fold: the outdated site does not support updates and does not meet the accessibility standards.  This means that users may not find the information… VT
Partnering with Community- and Faith-Based Organizations to Co-create Health Literacy and Clinical Trial Toolkits for Underserved Communities Institute For eHealth Equity We seek to co-create a health literacy toolkit for community-based organizations (CBOs) and faith-based organizations (FBOs) in NNLM RML2 designed to increase the participation of historically underrepresented populations and communities in clinical research. Using a culturally appropriate and moderated web-based platform, we will connect, convene, and collaborate with 15 leaders of FBO/CBOs and library staff to co-create a toolkit of resources and materials designed to resonate with and reduce reticence of historically underrepresented populations and communities with the ultimate… OH
Partnering with Rural Public Libraries to Expand Consumer Health Information Access to Underserved Patrons in the Clinch River Regional Library of East Tennessee University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine This project proposes to use the Health Information Outreach Award to provide consumer health resources and training to the Clinch River Regional Library service area located in east Tennessee. The service area covers nine predominately rural counties, north and east of metropolitan Knoxville. Proposed grant monies would fund the purchase of a set of 20 consumer health books for each of the 33 public libraries in the service region. Monies would also fund a training session on Medline Plus and consumer health information services for region library staff.  TN
Patient Modules University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences- Center for Health Literacy The Center for Health Literacy and the North Texas VA Hospital worked together to created health literacy modules for patients.  AR
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and Shale Gas Development: Health Outreach to Residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project (EHP) Research indicates that shale gas development uses and produces per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), exposure to which can produce negative impacts on health, including liver damage, increased risk of high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia in pregnant women, decreased birth weights, and kidney and testicular cancer. The Environmental Health Project (EHP) proposes to educate residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania (Fayette, Greene, and Washington counties, which are some of the highest-fracked counties in the state) on the importance of being aware of PFAS risk, especially related… PA
Placticas: Raising awareness, increasing health literacy, and partnering to improve inclusion of underrepresented communities in health research YWCA San Antonio The project goal is to raise awareness, increase health literacy, and to improve inclusion of underrepresented communities in health research, via the objectives of NAPC All of Us. General project activities include publicity and marketing of the project, recruitment of participants, providing information/education sessions (Placticas), distribution of All of Us/NIH/NLM information, gathering survey information, evaluation, and reporting. Specific activities regarding planning the Placticas, include staff developing the curriculum to address biomedical research and health literacy as… TX
Pop-Up Botanica Exhibit & Lecture Presentations University of Arizona Health Sciences Library The University of Arizona Health Sciences Library (UAHSL) plans outreach activities designed to connect with communities in Arizona, including: public health workers and public health educators embedded in underserved communities; “promotores de salud”; K-12 students; Hispanic, Native American, and border-region populations; public librarians especially in rural areas; and, groups of individuals and communities who experience disparities in health care. UAHSL operates from the social determinants of health framework when identifying health priorities to focus our… AZ
Powering Clinics & Communities with PubMed: Building Library Awareness at a Safety-Net Hospital System University of North Texas Health Science Center - Library In alignment with the goals of the National Library of Medicine (NLM), the Powering Clinics & Communities with PubMed project seeks to build awareness at JPS Health Network off-site clinics around the resources and services offered by JPS Medical Library to further support patient care provided to Tarrant County’s most vulnerable, underrepresented populations. JPS clinics provide a wide range of care including pediatrics, HIV/AIDS, behavioral health, women’s health, oncology, neurology, dental, and pharmaceutical services, and are located throughout the… TX
Prenatal Health Education The Children's Home Society of New Jersey Under this project proposed to NNLM, trusted bicultural and bilingual New Jersey obstetrics/gynecology and maternal/fetal medical providers will review and update the current CHSofNJ prenatal health education curricula used for 60-90 women annually with current NJ medical practice and NNLM resources. CHSofNJ’s current prenatal health education is based on the March of Dimes Becoming a Mom/Comenzando Bien curricula with enhancements based on needs and lived experiences of communities in Trenton. The New Jersey medical reviewers will provide curriculum updates…
Preserving Access to Tuberculosis History Through Wiki Migration Historic Saranac Lake Historic Saranac Lake (HSL) maintains a local history wiki website that includes thousands of pages documenting the history of the tuberculosis (TB) industry in our community. The wiki is available for free to the public, and anyone can contribute information and photographs. The wiki has been featured in AASLH magazine, many in-person and virtual presentations, and several conference sessions. HSL proposes to migrate the wiki website to a more secure, sustainable in-house hosting solution to continue to provide… NY
Preventative Care Family Package: Increasing Equity and Understanding University of North Texas Health Science Center - Library The Preventative Care Family Package seeks to help families understand the importance of preventative care through two sets of educational materials distributedto patients of the University of North Texas Health Science Center (HSC)at Fort Worth Pediatric Mobile Clinic(PMC) and North Texas Eye Research Institute (NTERI). Theclinicand institutehaveprovided over 10,000 children, from infants to 18-years old, healthcare services in some of the most vulnerable populations in North Texas. The proposed project focuses on developing and distributing educational materials and tools that… TX
Professor Paws – The Comic Book University of Oklahoma Tulsa - Schusterman Library To help educate disabled persons and their caregivers on the purpose and value of service animals, a brief educational comic book featuring the character Professor Paws will be developed, printed, and distributed in conjunction with workshops, events, and health fairs. OK
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