NNLM Region 6 Speaker Spotlight Series

NNLM Region 6 Speaker Series is an irregular webinar series from the NNLM Region 6, featuring expert guest speakers presenting on topics of interest to all our users, from librarians to public health practitioners, educators, clinicians, and others who work with health information. Topics will be scheduled according to audience interest, seasonal applicability, and speaker availability.

For more information, contact Region6-RML@uiowa.edu


Topics provide information to help attendees do one or more of the following:

  • Know their communities
  • Better understand health consumers
  • Evaluate health information
  • Increase knowledge of resources and subjects
  • Improve health-related communication, reference, instruction, and programming 
  • Increase health literacy
  • Understand and explore the relationship between technology and health
  • Explore ethical and legal issues
  • Assess needs for health information
  • Obtain and disseminate health-related information 
  • Identify sources of secondary data related to health


Accessibility This webinar includes live closed captioning.

Code of Conduct NNLM is dedicated to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all people, regardless of background or identity. As such, we expect respectful interactions with instructors and learners. Read the full Code of Conduct here.

Recording The recording of this webinar will be posted to our YouTube channel 1-2 weeks following the live event.

Class Length

1 hour

Class Owner(s)

Contact the NNLM Training Office for more information.


Bobbi Newman, Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist, Region 6
Bobbi Newman, Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist, Region 6
Nora Barnett, Health Professionals Outreach Specialist, Region 6
Erica Lake, Medical and Academic Library Outreach Coordinator, Region 6
Darlene Kaskie, Engagement Coordinator, Region 6
Jacqueline Leskovec, Network Coordinator, Region 6

Continuing Education

This class qualifies for Medical Library Association (MLA) Consumer Health Information Specialization (CHIS) Level 1.

This class qualifies for Medical Library Association (MLA) Consumer Health Information Specialization (CHIS) Level 2.

This class has been approved for 1 Medical Library Association (MLA) continuing education credit.


Event Title Event Start Date Summary Continuing Education Credits CE Categories Is Online Registration
Region 6 Public Libraries Connections June 2023 This meeting is for librarians and library workers that work in public libraries in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.  0.00 On
Reproductive Health and the Reference Desk: How libraries can provide information in a post-Roe country This webinar will discuss reproductive health as an information access concern, introduce the Reproductive Justice framework, and offer ideas for how libraries can provide create environments that are supportive of sexual and reproductive health information. 1.00 CHIS Level 1 On
Event Title Event Start Date Summary Continuing Education Credits CE Categories Is Online Registration
NNLM Region 6 Projects - Multilingual Health Information Resources This webinar will feature two NNLM Region 6 awardees who used funding to create multicultural and multilingual health information resources for their communities. Learn how to adopt and use their resources for your community! 1.00 CHIS Level 1 On
Accelerating the Speed and Scale of Medical Discovery with Real-World Data: Epic Research and Cosmos Epic Research launched during the COVID-19 pandemic as a new kind of journal, focused on making good data available sooner rather than perfect data available too late. This webinar will explore its methodology and publication process, and look at recent study findings. 0.00 On
Endocrine Disruptors in Environmental Health Learn about the phenomenon of endocrine disruption, the inference of normal hormonal processes in the human endocrine system by chemicals and pollutants in our environment. Participants will learn about historical discoveries and recent scientific findings. Approaches to address the issue, including chemical avoidance and political advocacy, will be discussed. 1.00 CHES, CHIS Level 1, CHIS Level 2 On
Sources of Airborne PCBs in Schools This talk will summarize the latest research on PCBs, especially PCBs in air of schools where they remain present in caulking, adhesives, and electrical equipment.
Guest speaker: Keri Hornbuckle
1.00 CHIS Level 1, CHIS Level 2 On
Bridging the Divide: Improving Mental Health Care, Access, and Delivery in our Communities In this webinar, three psychiatrists will provide an overview of mental health disparities and the social determinants which affect access to mental health services, and they will highlight strategies to advance mental health care and access for all. 1.00 On
#NicotineAddictionCheck: A Qualitative Analysis of TikTok and Youth E-Cigarette Use The potential dangers of e-cigarette use are well-publicized, but what do youth users really think about e-cigarettes, including the possible development of health risks and nicotine addiction? A student-led team from the University of Iowa recently examined the role that user-generated content on the social media platform TikTok plays in promoting e-cigarette culture. 1.00 On
Trauma in the Library: Findings To-date about PTSD among Public Library Staff and Methods for Ensuring Trauma-Informed Care Trauma-informed care for library patrons is a growing movement, however, what about workplace trauma experienced by library staff? We share findings to-date regarding our IMLS-funded study “Trauma in the Library: Symptoms of PTSD Among Staff and Methods for Ensuring Trauma-Informed Care.” 1.00 On
NExT Steps: A Unique Nurse Librarian EBP Collaboration Join the nurses and librarians behind Nursing Experts: Translating the Evidence (NExT), an online site for evidence-based practice resources and learning. The panel will provide an overview and demonstration of the program and resource tool, share insights on their successful interprofessional collaboration and multi-year funding awards, and answer your questions. 1.00 CHIS Level 1, CHIS Level 2 On
Working With Youth Impacted by the Child Welfare System Many teens in foster care experience trauma unfathomable to most of us. Keeping abreast of the most up to date information around trauma informed care is a meaningful way to provide services to this demographic. 1.00 CHIS Level 1, CHIS Level 2 On
Tell Us About Your NNLM Project Award Be empowered to apply for an NNLM Region 6 subaward after attending this one-hour panel speaker session. Three of our current award recipients will describe their programs/projects and share their application experience. 1.00 CHIS Level 1, CHIS Level 2 On
Clinical Librarianship Post COVID – An Interactive Session with Elaine Alligood Join your Region 6 colleagues in a conversation about the path forward for clinical librarianship as we emerge from the pandemic. 0.00 On
Trauma-Sensitive Programming: Using Mindfulness to Create Safe Space Join Jenn Carson, public library director, yoga teacher, and physical literacy researcher as she shares some mindfulness-based approaches to offering trauma-sensitive programming in academic and public libraries 1.00 CHIS Level 1, CHIS Level 2 On
Trauma-Informed Librarianship: Building Communities of Care Trauma-informed librarianship (TIL) is a vital practice that invites us to be intentional and deliberate about creating cultural shifts in how we approach our work to move towards healing, for our patrons, for each other, and for ourselves. 1.00 CHIS Level 1, CHIS Level 2 On
Interview with the authors of On the Job: worker health is public health Join public health expert Celeste Monforton and award-winning journalist Jane M. Von Bergen as they discuss their book On the Job at Region 6's first Speaker Spotlight Series. 1.00 On